Peace Corps project

Yesterday, we spent the afternoon on a Peace Corps project that all trainees across the world have to complete in their respective countries. We broke into smaller groups and had to visit an assigned community to speak with the people there. We were collecting data based on four topics: a community map, a needs assessment, a seasonal calendar, and daily activities.

I think we were all intimidated by the assignment. Our language teachers luckily came with us to translate, but the prospect of approaching strangers on the street still felt a little weird. (I can’t imagine completing this project in Chicago … “Excuse me, sir, what is the role of men in this community?”)

Our group ended up having a great experience. By chance, we ran into one of our teacher’s language colleagues, and she and her classroom accompanied us on our walk through the village.

The kids had never met Americans and were SO EXCITED to have us there.

My project partner, Sierra, did a much better job of documenting our experience than I did. I am posting her pictures and videos here with her permission. (Look for me, I’m in the hot pink raincoat.)

Here are the kids, making the double-headed eagle symbol from the Albanian flag. (I’m in the picture, but my face is covered.)

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