Cross Breezes Have Been Known to Kill People

The temperature here in Kosovo has been in the high 90s all week. Remember how I posted that some of our training sessions have been held in a conference room atop a hill with a beautiful view? Yeah, no air conditioning or fans in there! No air conditioning or fans anywhere — home, training, school, anywhere.

I know you’re probably don’t feel sorry for me. Like, “Geez, she’s in the Peace Corps! Didn’t she sign up for this?”

Yeah, I know, I should feel lucky I don’t have to wash my hair by dunking it in a bucket. Peace Corps volunteers sign up for anything! Why am I complaining about the heat? But the thing is, I DIDN’T sign up for this. I chose Kosovo based on one criteria and one criteria only — it gets COLD. If I wanted to live in a warm climate, I would be living in a hut south of the equator right now.

Before I moved here, I checked the weather, and the average temperature range for Kosovo was listed as 35-65 degrees Fahrenheit. I wasn’t expecting 95 degree heat in June. I was so concerned about fierce mountain winters I only packed one skirt and one pair of capri pants. 😦

I also know several people who are fasting. That means no eating or drinking (including water) until the sun goes down. I don’t know how they haven’t fainted in the heat.

(Here’s a fun cultural fact for you — Albanians are very concerned about drafts and cross-breezes, because they believe drafts and cross-breezes cause illness. Which means if you are riding in a taxi, only one window can be open. Even if that taxi doesn’t have air conditioning.)

On a more fun note, today our culture lesson focused on dancing. If you ever want to see something funny, watch a group of Americans try to learn an Albanian circle dance.

And then the Americans reciprocated by teaching an important cultural dance of our own.

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