On Chickens

Here is a series of random thoughts I’ve had about chickens this week:

      1. The other day, I was reading in the garden. My host family owns a number of chickens who freely wander around the yard, though there are fences that open and close to confine them to certain areas, if needed. A group of chickens was gathered on the opposite side of the fence from me. A rooster wandered up on my side of the fence. Upon seeing that the gate was closed, and that all of the other chickens were on the other side, the rooster began to make the most pitiful, distressed noises. I felt sorry for him. (I also had a hard time not projecting my feelings onto him. “I understand how you feel, buddy! I’M SEPARATED FROM ALL OF MY FRIENDS, TOO!”) I’ve never expended much mental energy on chickens before, as I prefer animals of the furry and four-legged variety. But as I watched the rooster, I realized that I think he’s cute. He’s much prettier than the plain, brown hens. His underbelly is a rich dark color, while his top feathers are reddish. He’s also bigger and sleeker than the hens. The rooster acted distressed for a few moments and then, as I watched, he turned, crossed the front of the house, rounded the side yard, and joined his friends in the back. Perhaps chickens are not as dumb as I previously assumed.
      2. There is a chicken who lives on my street who appears to have been born with a twisted foot. When it walks, it comes down on the back of it’s wrist/ankle (whatever that’s called in chickens.) I wonder if it hurts, coming down on the pavement like that.
      3. The new kitten seems to want to pounce on the hens, as evidenced by her wiggle-butt action. I have to keep my eye on her when we’re in the yard. I appreciate her confidence but don’t think it would end well.


Have a good weekend, everyone! I’ll see you back here on Monday.



4 thoughts on “On Chickens”

  1. Have a good weekend April. Is that an eagle with the cat? In Kosovo? Maybe a sign that all your American friends and family are there with you in spirit 😊…loved the dancing videos, ahh the Macarena, should’ve done the hokey pokey or chicken dance for them too 😂!!

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