Novo Brdo

On June 10, the Peace Corps trainees visited Novo Brdo. I was inspired to write about gratitude that evening, so I never got around to sharing my field trip experience. I’ve decided to write about it now.

What is Novo Brdo, you ask? Well …


The fortress is under reconstruction, and is thought to have been originally constructed sometime between 1300-1400 A.D. Our guide said they recently had the soil tested, and it dated back to 1250.

Novo Brdo Kosovo.JPG



Here’s the Peace Corps, enjoying the view …




Aside from the fortress, there are other sites to see. We visited Saint Lazar’s mausoleum. He was a Serbian Christian Orthodox saint. According to legend, if you flip over one of the tiles on the mausoleum’s roof, you will soon get married (and have a happy marriage).

I figured, what the heck …


There is also an active mosque and a tower on the grounds. (I believe I heard there is a Catholic church, too, though I did not see it.)

Below is a picture of the tower.The woman on the left is a fellow Peace Corps trainee, while the man on the right is my language teacher.


Here’s a picture of me with my friend Val, another trainee. We were warned to be careful of vipers in the grass. Yikes!


Another one of my fellow trainees, Nicole, has some more beautiful pictures of Novo Brdo on her blog.




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