4th of July Party on the 6th

Yesterday, we visited Pristina, Kosovo’s capital city. Technically, we were there once before, when our plane landed. But, we were immediately whisked away via bus, so we did not get the chance to explore the city.

We also got to visit the Peace Corps office for the first time yesterday. Upon entering the building, I insisted on getting my picture taken, because I am a big dork.

Big Dork

I may have mentioned previously that Kosovo is one of Peace Corps’ newest countries. Our group is “K3,” meaning we are the third group of volunteers to enter the country. One of the coolest things I saw on the tour was a map of Kosovo, with all of the K1 and K2 volunteers’ pictures pinned to whichever city they live in. K1 volunteers are leaving soon, and K3’s photos will be going up on the map shortly! Tomorrow, I find out where my permanent placement site will be!

The Peace Corps staff threw us a belated 4th of July party, complete with an American flag cake (with Kosovo added as a star).


Here are some fellow trainees enjoying their cake.


We also took the opportunity to snap a photo of our language group.


Next, we went out to explore the city. Our first stop was the top of a Catholic church, which afforded awesome views of Pristina.

I don’t know if you can tell from this photo, but Pristina is interesting in that there is the city, and then it drops off to … nothing and mountains. It’s very different from U.S. cities and their endless miles of suburban sprawl.

downtown pristina kosovo.JPG



Next, we toured the national library. After that, we were tired, so we stopped at a café for refreshments. I am breaking my own “no food porn” rule to show you the delicious iced coffee (kafe me akull) I had. With all the hot weather we’ve experienced, I’ve been fantasizing about iced coffee. I thought I’d have to wait until I returned to the U.S. to find one!



Next, we walked to Pristina’s famous “Newborn” sign. I am dissatisfied with the pictures I took, so I will return and take better ones to post next time. We did manage to snap another language group photo, though, with the letter “E.”


Then it was time to leave. On our way to the bus station, we passed the “Hillary” store, where you can buy Hillary Clinton inspired fashions. No, I am not joking. One day I will return and take a picture of myself in a pastel pantsuit.

hillary clinton store pristina.JPG


Around the corner from Hillary’s store is a statue of her husband, Bill.



And that concludes my post about Pristina. 🙂


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