Friday Gratitude

The temperature has climbed back up into misery, but here is a list of things I am focusing on to maintain a positive outlook.

I visited my new host family last weekend. On the day I was leaving, I had gone upstairs to brush my teeth. When I came back to my room, there was a chocolate bar on my bed. It’s like my new family knows me already! 🙂


While traveling back to my site on Monday, I stopped in Pristina to have lunch with a fellow trainee. I wasn’t sure what to expect of Kosovar Mexican food, but it was good! I’ll go back!

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I am grateful that my time here is a shared experience, so I have others I can lean on when I am feeling down.



Yesterday, we had our mid-training assessment and language exam. I was nervous about it, but everything went smoothly. And then I met some friends at the local pool. It ended up being one of the best days I’ve had since joining the Peace Corps.


Have a good weekend, everyone! I’ll talk to you again on Monday.

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