Q&A From: Dana

My friend Dana emailed me some questions regarding food, specifically about Kosovar habits around shopping vs. growing their own food. Here is my long-winded response, where I talk about chickens (again) and milk. 🙂


  1. How much would you say groceries for a family of four run per week? (0:22)
  2. Where do folks get most of their food? Markets? Regular old grocery stores? Mostly from their own gardens and land? (0:38)

(Remember, if you have questions, please post them in the comments section or email me. Also, I can see from my blog’s statistics that I have several readers from Albania. I’d love to meet more locals so if you feel comfortable, please send me an email and introduce yourselves! [And of course, feel free to introduce yourself if you are a blog reader not from Albania!])


Accompanying photos:


FullSizeRender (4)


6 thoughts on “Q&A From: Dana”

  1. Knowing I had a repair shop, are there private shops like I had?
    Do you see any industries or manufacturing business in the larger cities? If so, what would the product be?

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    1. Thanks for your questions, Dad. I have a Q&A already planned for next week, so I’ll address these questions the following week. Thanks for reading my blog! XO, April


  2. Ok, so I didn’t want to ask my questions until I had at least two, and that they weren’t stupid. So here we go:
    1. You blogged about YOU needing a hobby. Well, what do THEY do for hobbies over there? How do you see a lot of people spending their time? What types of jobs do the people in your host family have? Do they have hobbies?
    2. What is the family culture like? Meaning, like Italians are known for huge family dinners every night. What about there? Is it a big family affair at meal time? Do family members appear to have close relationships with one another?
    3. You also mentioned some data about a large portion of the population tend to leave Kosovo in search for employment and better opportunities. What types of jobs actually are available in Kosovo? What types of jobs do people tend to immigrate to?

    I am looking forward to having my own video Q&A…..ahem. 😉

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