Public Service Announcements

I’m posting twice today. WHAT? Aren’t you so lucky!

We got an email today about a high school exchange program that is still looking for a placement for one of its students. If you are interested/able to host a high school aged boy from Kosovo for ten months, please email me through this website or through my personal email address. I will send you more information about the program and the student.

I might as well take this opportunity to plug the Peace Corps. Why not apply for a position in Kosovo? 🙂 Our service would overlap by a year, which means you’d get to live in Eastern Europe with me. What could be more fun? Answer: NOTHING.

Finally, a fellow Peace Corps trainee previously participated in the Critical Language Scholarship program. It sounded interesting. If you would like to learn about another culture/language, but can’t commit to the 2+ years required by the Peace Corps, maybe the Critical Language Scholarship would be right for you.

Okay, I am done performing my good deeds for the day. Tung! (Albanian for “byeeeeeee”!) (Emphasis added by me.)


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