Q&A from my sister

Happy Monday! Today’s questions come from my sister.

  1. You blogged about YOU needing a hobby. Well, what do THEY do for hobbies over there? How do you see people spending their time? (00:13)
  2. What kinds of jobs do the people in your host family have? Do they have hobbies? (01:32)
  3. What is the family culture like? Is it a big family affair at mealtime? Do family members appear to have close relationships with one another? (02:27)
  4. What types of jobs are available in Kosovo? What types of jobs to people tend to emigrate to? (03:11)

3 thoughts on “Q&A from my sister”

  1. Yay! A video all about my questions! Thank you for answering them for me, good job lol
    Do you see yourself getting into soccer as a hobby at all (watching with fellow Peace Corp people or your host family, not playing)?

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