Istog, Kosovo

Last week Tuesday, each of our language groups was sent to a different part of Kosovo to learn more about the country. We gave presentations to the entire trainee group about each of the sites we visited. My group was sent to beautiful Istog, Kosovo (sometimes spelled, “Istok”).


Istog is located at the base of the Mokna Mountains, and is known for its natural beauty. Nearby places to explore include caves, mineral springs, and hiking trails.


Our group’s first stop was the Trofta Hotel, which is famous for its trout dinners. This was the first time I had eaten fish in Kosovo, aside from canned tuna (Kosovo is a landlocked country, ya know.) I got grilled trout and grilled vegetables. Both were declicious, and my entire meal (including an adult beverage) was less than 10 euro. It was one of the best meals I’ve had in Kosovo.

Language group


These little pods are actually hotel rooms!

Next, we headed to a nearby spring. It was a very pretty area, and we talked to a few locals who were visiting for the day.



Istog is about an hour and 15 minutes by bus from Kosovo’s capital. As our group was only there for a day trip, we didn’t get as much time to explore as we would have liked. Our last stop was dessert (of course!)



I plan to return to Istog in the near future to do some hiking (and spelunking). It was nice to get a break in our training routine and go on a little adventure!


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