I am posting twice today because this news is too big not to share immediately.

When I moved in with my temporary host family in June, a certain Mace was pregnant.

Processed with MOLDIV
Knocked-up cat

And then one day, Mace was lounging in the front yard. And she was skinny. My host mother told me she’d had the kittens. I asked where they were and my host mother said she didn’t know.

I feared the worst and tried to forget about it. But then, several weeks later, I heard mewing coming from a woodpile beside the house. I tried poking around but didn’t see anything. I told my host brother about it, and he was like, “Yeah, she had four kittens. I’ve seen them.”

WHAAAAAAAT?!? I was relieved to hear the kittens were okay. But still, no sightings. That is … until today!

So far, I’ve seen a tortie kitten, two calicos, and a solid black kitten. (And there may or may not be a fifth … my host parents say there is.)

I already love the little black kitten. My whole family in America is obsessed with black cats. My parents have one and so does my sister (while my cat is solid gray … pretty close.)

AND I’M LEAVING IN FOUR DAYS! Seriously, this is the worst torture the Peace Corps could possibly inflict on me. I currently live in a house with six cats! I could like in Kosovo forever! (haha) My host mother suggested I put one in my backpack and take it with me. Sadly, my NEW host mother is allergic to cats. 😦

A while back, my language teacher expressed a very mild interest in adopting one of the kittens. Being American, I interpreted this as, “HE NEEDS A KITTEN IMMEDIATELY!!!” But I texted him tonight and he was like, “Um … that’s a big responsibility.” 😦

Also, if you’re curious, people can and do adopt pets while serving in the Peace Corps. Just Google “Peace Corps pets.” 🙂


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