Last Week of Pre-Service Training (PST)

Yesterday I posted about Saturday’s swearing-in ceremony. Let’s go back in time and talk about my last week of Peace Corps pre-service training.

We finished up with language class on Monday, and had our last Peace Corps training on Tuesday. On Wednesday, we gave final presentations to the Peace Corps staff on TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language). I couldn’t have asked for a better group!


On Thursday, we hosted a cultural fair as a “thank you” to our host families. I made cucumber sandwiches, complete with mini flags I found at a tiny store in my tiny village. Go figure! My friends Sierra and Jalysa helped with sandwich production.



I also volunteered co-lead circle dancing, which got the room on their feet. Never underestimate the power of circle dancing.


It was a fun day. Other activities included thank-you speeches, a poem, a sign-language presentation to the song “Happy,” the Macarena, musical chairs, limbo, a photo booth, and a photo slideshow of pictures of the volunteers and their families.

For pre-service training, the 35 Kosovo trainees were divided among families in four villages. Charlie, Sierra, and I were the only trainees placed in the farthest village. As a result, we became close friends. This picture pretty much sums up our personalities:


And here’s a picture of me with my friends Christian and Ingrid, along with all of the awesome Albanian and Serbian language teachers. (My teacher is the one hiding.)


I miss everyone already! A small, unofficial “committee” decided to bestow “Most Likely” superlatives to their fellow trainees. Some of the more exciting titles included “Most Likely to Break Gender Stereotypes” and “Most Likely to Marry a Host Country National.” I was given the boring, predictable, and probably accurate title of “Most Likely to Adopt a Kitten.” Thanks, guys.

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