My Favorite Instagram Photos

I wanted to title this blog post: “My Favorite Instagram Photos (that other people took)” but that seemed ridiculously long. Anyway …

I’ve had a cautious relationship with my own Instagram account. I didn’t start one until just before I moved to Kosovo, because I didn’t know what to post about previously. I have complaints about the app (mainly in how it is used — every random account I scroll is laden with selfies and pictures of meals.) But, Instagram is an easy way for people to share their experiences through pictures, so it is not completely devoid of merit.

I have especially enjoyed looking at the accounts of my fellow Peace Corps Volunteers. On one hand, we are all sharing the experience of serving in Kosovo. But on the other hand, we are having our own unique, individual experiences, too. There are so many times when I’ve seen a picture and thought, “I wish I were doing that!” or “I know where that is!”

A lot of my friends/fellow volunteers are also really great photographers. I wanted to share a few of my favorite photos here. All photos are being posted with the permission of those who took them.

I’ve previously linked to Nicole’s photos. I love the moment she captured here:

Nicole’s Photo

Cait (pronounced like the word “cloth” without the “L,” as she likes to say) took this gorgeous picture of a mosque, which inspired me to go out and take my own pic. Here is hers:

Cait’s photo

Charlie is probably the most integrated volunteer I know. We used to live in the same small village and I swear he knew everyone. His language ability is also superior to my own, which makes me mildly hate him. (I told him I was going to caption this photo: “[MEAN WORD] INTEGRATING.” Haha, just kidding!) To use his description instead: “Volunteer/Friend Charlie with traditional Albanian musicians prior to wedding performance.”

Charlie’s Photo

The Peace Corps gave us volunteer t-shirts. Perhaps I shouldn’t complain about a free shirt, but they’re a really ugly khaki color. However, Rachel put them to good use (and wisely posted this photo in black and white). Isn’t this great?

Rachel’s photo

I saved the my favorite for last. Here is Hannah, at a shepard’s hangout. I saw this picture and was like, “I have been out-cooled.” Hannah looks like a wild princess. I wish I were a wild princess. Here is the photo that inspired me to write this post:

Hannah’s photo




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