Friday Gratitude

This week has been super chill. When I’m not out with friends, I’m at home, working on crochet projects. I talked to my (real) mom the other night, and she asked what I’ve been doing. I said, “nothing but crocheting.” Then she asked if I’ve been reading any good books and I was said, “No! I’ve been crocheting.” Like, literally, that’s all I’ve been doing!

After three months of searching, I FINALLY found a yoga mat! I wish I could’ve brought mine from the U.S., but wouldn’t have fit in my luggage. I went with my host dad and brother to a Menards-type store because they were looking for a table. I started poking around and I found it — the only mat in the whole store!

FullSizeRender (11)
We were meant to be together!

In the States, I was always good about getting myself to yoga class, but I was terrible about practicing at home. I’ve actually been consistent doing yoga on my own since I’ve gotten to Kosovo. I found a teacher on YouTube I really like — Cole Chance from Yoga Tx, if you’re interested.


My new favorite snack is Milka choco-cake cookies and Alpsko milk. 🙂


I went on another hike in Peja. This time, as my friend said, it was “a slower hike with more wine.” 😉 I took this photo from the place we got lunch beforehand.

Have a good weekend, everyone!




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