The Night the Lights Went Out

We had a spectacular thunderstorm Thursday night, which resulted in a loss of power for about 12 hours. 😦 Our power has intermittently cut out here and there since then.

Losing power is a pretty common occurrence in Kosovo, and something I had read about prior to moving here. I’ve heard different parts of the country tend to lose power at different times. For example, I’ve been told my village loses power more often in the summer (which I suppose is a good thing, as no power in winter = no heat).

Thursday’s power loss revealed some interesting things. First, my host family has a bathroom in the garden — just a sink and a toilet. It is not hooked up to the electric pump and instead, gets its water from a reservoir sitting on its roof. That means there is just enough water in the sink to brush your teeth/wash your face (and — bonus — the toilet flushes). We also have a well from which we can pump buckets of water.

Losing power is never fun, but at least I feel a little better about the water situation. The other thing that worries me is losing charge on my phone. Peace Corps is adamant that they be able to reach us at all times in case of an emergency. (I need to investigate buying a power bank, as a friend suggested.)

I met with an NGO Friday morning to discuss providing English lessons for teenagers at their facility. I rolled into my meeting with my power strip, computer, and phone charger (because I am classy like that).


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