Friday Gratitude

Monday afternoon, I fell into a funk. I don’t know why. Monday was the first day of school and it went fine (and we got out early). (Also, I’ll post more about school in the coming weeks.) Anyway, I went home and ate lunch, and started feeling restless. I decided to jump on the bus to Pristina.

Being in the city really brightened my mood. I had a list of errands to run/things to buy, and I actually managed to get everything on my list. My first stop was a pharmacy to buy some over-the-counter meds. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to describe what I was looking for, but the woman behind the desk spoke a little English and was very helpful.

Next, I stopped by Sach Cafe. I’m going to sound like the grossest person in the world for saying this, but it is the closest thing Pristina has to a Starbucks. The Americans love it (this American included). I got a blended iced coffee to go.

Next, I found a phone store and bought a power bank to keep my phone charged during power outages. The model I bought can charge my phone four times before the unit itself needs to be recharged.

I swung by the bookstore to buy postcards, and then I followed directions a friend sent to a craft store. I was looking for a tapestry needle to finish a crochet project I was working on, but the store didn’t carry crochet supplies. I wandered up the street and into a fabric store. They didn’t carry any, either, but the woman working there drew a map to a place I might find one. I followed her directions and bought my needle!

I traced a different route back to the bus station in order to pass the “Newborn” sign. I wanted to take more/better photos of it, but there were a bunch of vendors set up in front. 😦

Last stop, I bought a few of my favorite candy bars, which I can’t find in my tiny village. I made it to the station in time to take the 5:00 bus home!

Living in a tiny village with only one major road is fine most of the time, but I’m a city kid through-and-through. It was so nice to spend an afternoon surrounded by crowds of people, on my own personal scavenger hunt. It was also nice to explore Pristina a bit more. This was my first time in the city on my own/not doing something related to Peace Corps.

Also, my Aunt Nancy had asked me about chain stores in Kosovo… I saw a L’Oréal Paris and a L’Occtaine store while I was shopping.

P.S. Two people last week told me that they like the pictures on my blog … and then I didn’t post any this week. Sorry. 😛

Have a good weekend, everyone! Talk to you Monday.


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