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Monday, September 5, 2016 marked the first day of school here in Kosovo. (Coincidentally, it was also my 3-month anniversary of living in Kosovo.)

I have been paired with a 23-year-old counterpart named Dardan, who is going into his third year of teaching English at the school in my village. The goal of Peace Corps is to pair American volunteers with teachers in Kosovo in order to develop new and sustainable teaching methods and materials.

Many (most?) schools in Kosovo operate in two shifts, morning and afternoon. Dardan and I will be teaching  7th and 8th grade English in the mornings.

My village has two “campuses.” Technically, they are two different schools in two neighboring villages, but the same teachers work at both places.

Our biggest class has 29 students. Our smallest has 8. An interesting difference from classes in the that in Kosovo, the students stay in the same classroom, while the teachers rotate.

The first week went pretty well, aside from a glitch with our textbooks (they are being re-printed and weren’t ready by the first day of school). I feel like pre-service training (PST) prepared us for the very worst — we heard a number of horror stories. My experience has been pretty good, so far.


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