Walking the Line

Last week, this article from The Atlantic popped up on my Facebook news feed. I’ll confess I didn’t read the whole thing, but what I did read struck a chord.

The article talks about the way we frame our narrative life stories, or to put it in simpler terms, it asks: how do we put together the pieces of our lives to tell stories about ourselves?

This concept has been on my mind, especially as of late. When I first started this blog, a friend asked if it is truthful or an edited version of my life. And the answer is both.

I don’t have the time or inclination to write about every single thing that happens to me, nor do I think any of you care to read that much about my life. I choose little nuggets to share, things that I think would be interesting or funny for someone else to read. It is not the whole story. But that does not make what I share to be untrue.

I’ll also acknowledge that social media posturing is something I do (and that everyone does), to an extent. You might look at my life and think all I do is go on beautiful hikes and play with baby animals. But of course I only post pictures where I look good or where I’m doing something cool. Why wouldn’t I?

But that, too, has been bothering me lately. I don’t want to present a false reality of my life. But neither do I want to whine. It’s a fine line to walk.

Here are some things I consider when I am writing:

1. My experience in the Peace Corps to this point has been largely positive. There are times when I have felt bored or lonely or frustrated, but that’s because I’m a human being experiencing universal feelings. Those feelings have nothing to do with being in Kosovo, specifically.

2. I never want to come across as a snotty American looking down my nose at Kosovo. If there is anything laughable on this blog, please let it be me, the bumbling American who has no idea what’s going on half the time.

3. The Peace Corps is a politically neutral organization, and we have been warned not to post anything political on our blogs. I have been afraid to say anything too serious because frankly, I am afraid of being sent home.

4. I am a foreigner here. I am only just beginning to learn about Kosovo and its history and culture. I would hate to say post something ignorant about Kosovo or its people

At this point, all I can say is that I will try to continue to walk the fine line between staying positive but being truthful on this blog. And if I ever come across as too “social media perfect” (I think I just invented that term), forgive me. Likewise, if I ever sound like I am whining, forgive me.

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