Ya Look Like Grapes

The word for beautiful in Albanian is “e bukur” for a woman or “i bukur” for a man. This versatile word can also be applied to babies (if you want to say a baby is cute, for example), or landscapes (as in, Kosovo is beautiful).

If you really want to compliment a woman, say “e buker rrush,” which literally translates to “beautiful grapes.” (Oh, the fun we had in language class the day we learned that fact!) Sometimes, my host mother will say this to me in the morning. 😀

If you want to hit on a woman, ask if she is from Rahovec (Rah-Ho-Vets), the region of Kosovo where they grow grapes. In addition to their wine, the area is also known for its beautiful women.

So now you now how to compliment/hit on someone in Shqip. You’re welcome.

grapes rrush
So, so beautiful!

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