Crochet Project: Circular Scarf

I’ve crocheted a few projects in the past, but I am definitely still a beginner. Crochet is something I would like to become more proficient at, so I’ve been spending a fair amount of time watching YouTube videos to learn different techniques.

I wanted to make a scarf as a gift for a friend who has done a lot for me here. I found this video to be extremely helpful and easy to follow:

I opted for red (a cheery color for dreary months) and gray (my second-favorite color, after purple). This also happens to be the same colors used in the video.

After I learned the stitching, the rest of the project was easy. However, after I crocheted three rows, I realized that the scarf was insanely long. I don’t know how that happened. I measured before I began.

I cut/unraveled the ends of scarf. It looked like this:

cut scarf with scissors

It made me a bit nervous, like, had I just wrecked my work? I messaged a former co-worker, who first taught me to crochet. She suggested unraveling the ends a bit more and tying them off, and then connecting them to make the scarf circular (something I had been considering, but wasn’t sure about).

So first, I unraveled/tied off the ends, and then used a tapestry needle to weave the ends back through the scarf.


I still thought the edges looked rough, though, so I finally decided to make the scarf circular by crocheting the ends together.

Here’s me modeling the finished project:





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