Friday Gratitude

Media Consumption this week:

  1. I’ve been watching episode after episode of Broad City and laughing. (The show is on its 3rd season, so I am late to the party.) Here is my favorite scene (11 seconds):
  2. I also finished my sixth book since I’ve been in Kosovo: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime. My official review: Meh.
  3. I downloaded Hillybilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis. It has been getting a lot of attention, so I am excited to read it. (Thanks again, Chicago Public Library!)

And while we’re on the topic of books, one of my favorite authors, Tana French, has a new novel coming out October 4. It’s called The Tresspasser.

I track my blog statistics, and sometimes I can see what search terms bring people to my site. This made me smile, in an “awww” kind of way:
I hope things work out for you, whoever you are! (Also, for the record, I’ve never posted about either of my host mothers hating me. Weird that you would end up on my blog.)

Also, here is a plug:
I’ve been reading Jackie’s blog for years, and she recently opened an etsy shop to share her beautiful photography.

Have an awesome weekend, everyone! Talk to you Monday.

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