Kosovar Food + Recipes

I’m not terribly interested in talking about food (I only like food when I am shoveling it into my face). However, my friend Lisa asked me to do another food post. And since I love Lisa, here you all go.

In this post, I’ll be including pictures of traditional Kosovar food I’ve eaten, along with links to where you can find the recipes (in English). Think of how you can impress your friends, Kosovar and otherwise, by serving these foods. ๐Ÿ™‚

First up is a picture of this fried dough thing. It was delicious (I ate like four or five). I was also really excited to eat these because they reminded me of beignets from New Orleans. (I emailed this pic to my dad to remind him of our trip there.) I found a recipe for them here.



Next, we have pite (pronounced “pita”). I don’t know how to describe pite, other than to say it’s dough with filling. I’ve had it with leeks (ew), cheese (not bad), and pumpkin (now, that’s a delightful autumn treat!). If you want to try your hand at making pite, here is a recipe.

Pita for dinner … #food #kosovo

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Last, we have flia. Flia is a fairly polarizing food among the Americans I know. Some people love it, some people hate it. I am fairly indifferent to it. Flia is just layer upon layer of dough. That’s it. And it’s traditionally cooked over an open fire. I watched my host mother make it once in 85-degree weather. Um, no thanks. If you are feeling ambitious, here is a flia recipe.

#food #Kosovo #flia

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