Take Me to Kishë

As I’ve mentioned previously, I am living in a Catholic village in Kosovo. Catholics are in the minority here, as 95% of Kosovars are Muslim.


When I first met my permanent host family back in July, they had other family members visiting. One of my host father’s sisters is a nun, and she was there. Inevitability, someone asked me if I am Catholic. When I said no, the nun turned to me and said, in English, “No problem.” (Which made me like her immediately.)

The Albanian word for church is “kishë,” pronounced like the breakfast food “quiche.” My village’s kishë is at the end of my dirt road.

I attended services with my host mother and host cousin/student the Sunday before last. The church in our village is fairly small and not very ornate (ex: there aren’t any stained glass windows.) The service was only about an hour long, and of course, it was conducted in Albanian.

Also, I don’t know how you could’ve missed this news but in case you did, Mother Theresa was recently canonized. Mother Theresa was Albanian. 🙂

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