Crochet Project: A Scarf of My Own Invention

My friend Charlie’s birthday was a few weeks ago. I wanted to crochet something for him. I tried making a hat, but it didn’t turn out so well.


I don’t know what happened … I followed along with this YouTube video. My hat was shapeless, and the brim was too floppy to stand up. I scrapped that idea.

I decided to make a scarf instead. I started along with another YouTube video. But after crocheting about seven rows, I realized I hated the design. I decided to scrap that project, too.

I decided to just crochet a scarf using my own pattern. It is a pretty simple design … it’s possible I didn’t actually invent it. But anyway, it’s the first thing I’ve crocheted without following someone else’s pattern.

I like the subtle texture. I also really ended up liking the color combination (navy blue, dark gray, and white), though it wasn’t a completely intentional choice. I was running low on yarn.

**I created this downloadable PDF, if you would like to try the scarf pattern yourself. 🙂 scarf-pattern-by-april-gardner



In retrospect, I probably would have made this a few rows wider. But, I was also running short on time. I wanted to give this to Charlie at his birthday party!


Urime ditelindja, Charlie!


I then used the same pattern to crochet a birthday scarf for my counterpart. I made it a bit thicker this time, connected the ends to make it circular, and triple-wrapped it around my neck to look like this:

mens striped scarf free pattern.JPG

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