Kosovo’s Newborn Sign

Thanks @sierra211 for taking this photo. #Pristina #Kosovo #newborn

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During a recent phone conversation with my mom, she asked me what Pristina’s “Newborn” sign means.

The “Newborn” sign was revealed on February 17, 2008, the day Kosovo declared its independence as a country. You can read more about that day in this New York Times article.

When it was unveiled, the Newborn sign was painted yellow. Every year on February 17, its design is changed.

I was in Pristina this past Friday and Saturday. There is currently a public art exhibit on display, featuring pictures of individuals beside their stories of the Kosovo war. (My friend made the interesting observation that the stories were only printed in English, and not in Albanian or Serbian.)

Kosovo War Stories.JPG

I was an 18-year-old living in America when the Kosovo War ended in 1999, and probably had no greater concerns in my life than preparing for college. It is hard to wrap my mind around the stories I have heard here, stories from my friends and colleagues who lived through the war.

You can learn more about the art exhibit here. From Balkan Insight:

“This discovery informed the images [artist Willem Poelstra] shot for his new exhibition ‘For Hanna’, which is on show in Pristina’s Skenderbeu Square until October 17, and features portraits of people from around Kosovo who survived the conflict, seeking to capture images of the country’s everyday post-war reality.”

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