Friday Gratitude

It’s kind of hard to believe it was a year ago today I received the email that would change my life.


I was sitting at my desk, at a job I hated, when I opened my email on my phone and saw my acceptance letter. I was stunned, because I wasn’t supposed to have an answer for another month and a half. I walked into my co-worker’s office in a daze and shared the news with him.

Perhaps this is conceited, but when I was going through the application process, it never occurred to me that I wouldn’t be accepted to the Peace Corps. I have a distinct memory of swimming in my gym’s pool last summer, and being hit with the thought that, across America, there were other people like me — people who would ultimately go to Kosovo but who were waiting for their acceptance letters. I said a prayer for those other people, wondering who they would turn out to be. Now, I know them and love them.

I’ve been having the same thoughts about the volunteers who will arrive next summer. Some of them might be starting to get their acceptance letters now. I wonder who they are and what they’ll become here in Kosovo. 🙂

(And if you happen to be one of those people, send me a message and introduce yourself!)

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