Yoga for Neck, Back, and Shoulder Pain

I’ve been doing yoga for over ten years, although you might not know it to look at me (I still can’t reach my toes when I bend over). I’ve always been pretty good about getting myself to yoga classes, but until I moved to Kosovo, I never practiced at home.

Yoga has been one of the ways I have been filling my downtime. I’m happy to say I’ve gotten better at/used to practicing at home. About three months into my time here, I FINALLY found a yoga mat (I would’ve brought mine from the States, but it didn’t fit into my luggage).

Lately, I’ve been practicing at least once a day, and sometimes twice (when I wake up, and before I go to bed). When I am feeling lazy, I tell myself, “Don’t sleep with your pain.” And as someone who has struggled with insomnia on and off my whole life, it is amazing what an impact yoga can have on my quality of sleep.

I have also been crocheting a lot lately (which you can see on my Instagram feed). This means my neck and shoulders are often stiff and sore. Since this is such a common problem for people in general, I thought I would post my three favorite neck/back/shoulder yoga videos. Two of them are from YogaTX, my favorite YouTube channel.

This video provides a great stretch for the morning. It is only 13 minutes long, so it is easy to fit into a busy morning schedule. And all of the poses are done standing. For some reason, this really appeals to me. (Maybe because I am lazy and don’t want to get on a cold floor first thing in the morning.)

I often do this next video before I go to sleep. It is my FAVORITE! It’s amazing how quickly it relieves pain and tension:

Here is another great video (it’s a bit longer, so I do this when I have more free time). One of the biggest things I look for in a yoga teacher is a soothing voice. This teacher’s voice is incredible. 🙂



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