Friday Gratitude: Biting Off More Than I Could Chew

2015 was a difficult year for me … one of the hardest I can ever remember. I hit my lowest point around this time last year. I was working a full-time job I loathed, plus a part-time job for an extra 8-15 hours per week. In addition, I was preparing for the Peace Corps and studying to become a fully licensed social worker in the state of Illinois. My life felt like nothing but one long to-do list every day. Despite my best efforts in taking care of myself (yoga, meditation, seeing friends, etc.), I felt like I was holding onto my sanity by my fingernails.

I was coming to the end of a 14.5-hour workday, and I hit a wall. I went into the bathroom at my part-time job, locked myself in a stall, and rested my forehead against the tile. I was too tired to cry.

When I think of that moment, and I think of all the moments that happened between then and now, I am so grateful to be here.

If you are feeling trapped in your own life, I hope my story offers some encouragement. We all go through rough patches. It’s hard to even imagine another side to them. But there is always another side.

4 thoughts on “Friday Gratitude: Biting Off More Than I Could Chew”

  1. God always knows when it’s time for you to stop and rest. Even if it is in the john.. you should be getting your pkg in the mail soon. The post office told me 2 weeks. Love you and so proud of you April.

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