Friday Gratitude: The Upside Down

I bought this little souvenir for myself on my first visit to Skopje, Macedonia, a few weeks ago. It makes me happy.


Media Consumption:

  • I tore through Stranger Things on Netflix and loved it.
  • A volunteer friend told me about The Psychopath Test, which she let me borrow when she finished. It offered many points to consider when trying to define what “madness” really is.
  • For this week’s Shqip lesson, I watched Bridget Jones’s Baby. It was more delightful than I expected. I really love those characters (particularly Mark Darcy).

I attended a meeting at the Peace Corps office on Monday, on how to evaluate English language learning in the classroom. It was pretty interesting. Afterward, I went with some friends to eat Mexican food. Mmm, refried beans, tortilla chips, and nacho cheese! (Here’s me with my friend, Chelsea, who wrote this guest blog a while back.)

Happy for nachos!

I cracked up at this photo my friend Ingrid (who wrote this guest blog post) uploaded to Facebook:

Photo by Ingrid, posted with her permission

I can just imagine some doofus at the post office being like, “Duh, where’s Kosovo? Maybe in Russia?”

Speaking of the post, this awesomeness arrived:

I had been feeling nostalgic for the holiday spirit. (If I were at home, I would have already started Christmas shopping by now, at least a little bit. I’d have created a list of friends and family to buy for, and started writing down gift ideas. And soon, I’d be headed to the dollar store to buy wrapping paper, bows, and bags. I miss baking cookies, too. I haven’t done that in forever.)

But my care packages really brightened my mood! 🙂 !!!

I’ll see you all back here on Monday.

One thought on “Friday Gratitude: The Upside Down”

  1. I make a list of who to buy for and what I am buying them too!!

    I can’t wait to sent you a care package. I am just waiting to make sure Lisa’s cheese makes it to you before I send cheese too. I bought you something months ago and have been waiting to give it to you!

    Liked by 1 person

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