Settling In

This weekend, I made some changes to my bedroom layout.

Before: Two wardrobes, seen immediately upon entering my room.
I swapped a wardrobe I was barely using (the one covered in white paper in the photo above — it was mostly filled with linens that aren’t mine) for a section of a couch my host family wasn’t using. I’d had the idea for some time, but I was nervous to approach my host family about the change. I didn’t want to come across as ungrateful or demanding. However, after several months of observation, I determined that they NEVER use the couch.

The first floor of our house has two rooms — mine, and an unfinished storage space. The couch (perfectly comfortable and attractive) sits in there, untouched and alone.

After: Look at this cute little brown and cream love seat! Wouldn’t you like to sit on it? (Bedroom door is to the left of the seat.)
My deciding moment happened two weeks ago. The power was out for four hours in the evening. After sitting hunched in my desk chair in the cold and the dark, I decided a nice, cozy seat in my room would be a huge help in facing the winter. A few days later, I screwed up my courage and asked my host dad if we could make the swap. He said yes!

This Saturday, when my host brother was home from university, we moved the furniture. I am much happier with this arrangement. 🙂

After: We moved the remaining wardrobe into the far corner of the room.
It’s funny … living with a host family is like a throwback to dorm living. My entire life is crammed into one room, I share a bathroom, and meals are provided for me. The top of my wardrobe serves as a pantry (thanks for sending all the American food, guys!), and my décor consists of pictures of my friends and family, and cards from the aforementioned friends and family.

I really like my room. It’s got nice floors and big windows. Major bonus: The bed ranks in the Top Three Most Comfortable Beds I Have Ever Slept In (the others being my bed at my parents’ house, and the bed I usually sleep in when I visit my best friend’s parents in Minnesota).

A pile of socks sits on my bedside table. I have yet to determine where to put them. Jennifer the Unicorn keeps my bed warm while I am not in it. 🙂
[Side note: I keep debating whether to buy a bigger quilt for my bed, but I think the smaller one actually keeps me warmer.]

Assuming nothing dramatic happens, this will be my home for the next year and a half. I think it’s important for the space to feel like mine. I’m really happy with the changes!

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