Giving Thanks

I usually reserve Fridays for giving thanks, but ’tis the season now (today), so here we go.

I am thankful for a host family that takes good care of me.
I usually eat meals with my host parents. A few weeks ago, my host mother had an afternoon appointment, and wasn’t going to be able to make lunch. She made sure to tell me that my host father would pick up burek (a bread/cheese combo) from the bakery for me. Sure enough, my lunch was waiting on the table when I got home from teaching. This is just one example of my host family’s kindness.

I am thankful for my counterparts.
Both of my counterparts have welcomed me into their classrooms, and are eager to work with me. I am thankful for their warmth and generosity.

I am thankful for my fellow volunteers.
I am lucky to be part of a cohort where everyone is committed to getting along. My friends here have been my biggest supports, the people who understand exactly what I am going through (because they’re going through it, too!)

I am thankful for my friends and family back home in the U.S.
I know my being away is not only hard for me sometimes, it is hard for my friends and family, too. But the support I’ve received has been astounding. Thanks to all of you for your cards, care packages, emails, and phone calls.

I am thankful to be living in Kosovo.
Now more than ever, I am thankful to have the chance to share American culture with people from another country.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Thanksgiving is by far my least favorite holiday, and I am always thankful to have an excuse to not celebrate it. 🙂 (See what I did there?) I’m not doing anything special today (other than teaching Thanksgiving lessons in my classes), but tomorrow night I’ll see some friends in Pristina for dinner. Then on Saturday, I leave for my first vacation since joining the Peace Corps! (More on that tomorrow.)

Been teaching Thanksgiving-themed lessons all week. One of my counterparts took this photo. 🙂

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