Friday Gratitude: Ya Filthy Animal

This blog title is a nod to my all-time favorite Christmas movie, Home Alone, which I just watched for the umpteenth time. Funny, I’d kind of forgotten the McAllisters were traveling to Paris for Christmas. That’s where I’ll be headed in a week!

Last week, I attended a 3-day Peace Corps conference.

We took this group photo. Can you see me? Probably not. I’m to the back, far right of the photo. And my face is partially covered.

Tip-toe FAIL

This seems to be a common theme with me in group Peace Corps photos. Here is our very first group photo, taken outside the airport when we arrived in Kosovo on June 5. My now-friend Val is blocking my face.

Where’s April?

Media Consumption:

  • The Peace Corps office has a small library, and I toted a few books back to my house. One of them was Still Alice (yes, I am way behind the times). It is a powerfully told story that has made me think about my concept of self, and what it would mean to lose that self.
  • Upon the recommendation of a friend, I watched the documentary, May I Be Frank? It’s an inspiring story about a man making active changes to improve his health and his relationships. It is worth a watch.
  • I chuckled when I read this article about “career disruption.” It was written in 2012 (again, I am behind the times), but this means career disruption has been in the public lexicon for a while now. And here I thought changing careers/returning to school at age 30 and joining the Peace Corps at age 35 was a sign of “general lack of planning.” But see? I’ve just been disrupting myself!

Last, I wanted to share this quote, which I have been meditating on for the last few days:

“How can I say this in a way it will be received?” — President Obama

I was reading an article about how tempered the president has been in his responses to the recent election, and it has given me much to consider. Haven’t I ever lashed out in angry words, only to have them fall on deaf ears? And when someone criticizes me, even if there is a kernel of truth in what they say, I’ll dismiss all of it as garbage if that kernel comes wrapped in hateful words.

Of course, the Universe — in its infinite wisdom — has since provided me with a way to practice giving a tempered response. I got an email from a friend this week, and something that was said bothers me. Now, I am off to respond in a loving, non-angry manner …

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