Bedtime Yoga

Since I will not be going home for Christmas this year (for the first time in 35 years — wow!), I expected not to feel any holiday stress. But with lots going on (my trip to Albania, training for Peace Corps, the national poetry recitation competition my students participated in, and my upcoming vacation for the Christmas/New Year holidays), I have been feeling the holiday rush.

Previously, I wrote a post about my favorite yoga videos for neck, back, and shoulder pain. Since the holidays are a busy time, I thought I would share two videos I use to wind down before bedtime. Neither of these are marketed specifically as “bedtime yoga,” but they are gentle enough that I like following along with them at the end of my day.

This one is my absolute favorite because it is done entirely sitting down. I often sit on the edge of my bed while doing these stretches.

This next video requires a bit more movement, but instead of getting down on my mat on the floor (which is cold), I’ve been doing the movements in bed.


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