Chelsea’s Christmas Gifts: Crocheted Unicorn and Crocheted Bear

Bonjour, mes amours! And a Happy, Happy New Year! Wow, a whole week off from blogging. Did you miss me? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Have you been following along with my Paris/London travels on Instagram?

I am so excited to be back online. I’ve got lots of great blog ideas for 2017 (WOW, it’s 2017 already?!)ย I wanted to start off this year by blogging about two Christmas gifts I crocheted for my friend and travel companion, Chelsea.

Chelsea loves unicorns and bears, so I decided to make her one of each. A while back, my (awesome and amazing) parents sent me this mini-toy crochet kit ย in a care package. Though there weren’t instructions for either a unicorn or a bear, I figured I could modify the patterns from the book to make Chelsea’s toys.

First, I modified the squirrel pattern to make the body and head of my unicorn. After several failed attempts at modifying other patterns in the book, I finally just decided to wing it and make the arms on my own. I don’t think they look great, but they are the best of the options I tried.


Chelsea is a bit of a punk rocker, so I decided her mini unicorn should have a similar ‘tude. For the rainbow main, I just looped individual pieces of yarn through the head and tied each one off. It was somewhat time consuming, but easy to do. For the horn, I just chained a few loops and attached it to the head.


Here is a picture of my unicorn, Jennifer, with her new little friend seated on her lap. ๐Ÿ™‚ Aww, aren’t they cute? (If I say so myself.)


For the bear, I modified the beaver crochet pattern from the book. I accidentally finished stuffing it before I attached the plastic safety eyes included in the kit, so I just crocheted a magic circle using 3 stitches to make eyes, and looped black yarn through the middle to make the irises.

I opted not to give the bear limbs for several reasons: 1) I am lazy. 2) I wasn’t entirely happy with the way the unicorn’s legs turned out. 3) I wanted the bear to look similar to a Ty Beanie Ballz.

“Hello! I am homely, but cute.”

Also, I used a smaller crochet hook on the bear than on the unicorn … I didn’t realize it would make such a difference in their sizes! The bear looks a bit like R2D2. ๐Ÿ™‚ He also definitely looks home made!

“We hope you love us, Chelsea.”

2 thoughts on “Chelsea’s Christmas Gifts: Crocheted Unicorn and Crocheted Bear”

  1. Welcome back April!! Good to hear from you again. Hope you enjoyed your trips, looked awesome. I’m impressed with your crocheting. You’re really good at it!! Love you๐Ÿ˜˜

    Liked by 1 person

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