Monday: Marché aux Puces de St-Ouen, Saint-Chapelle and Notre Dame

During our trip to Paris, my friend Chelsea and I decided we wanted to visit a flea market. After reading this article, we settled on Marché aux Puces.

It was a rainy, overcast morning, so I didn’t take any pictures. The market is HUGE, and has every possible thing you could imagine. I bought two vintage postcards to send to friends back in Chicago. Nothing else really struck my fancy, though.

The most interesting thing we saw was a roomful of taxidermy big-game animals. (I wish I could’ve taken pictures, but a mean-looking guy was keeping an eye on the room.) While part of me thinks it is sad people hunt exotic animals, another, tiny part of me thinks it would be awesome to buy a rearing zebra to greet visitors to my home.

After our visit to the market, we hopped on the subway and went to Saint-Chappelle, which is famous for its stained glass.



Honestly, it wasn’t my favorite place we visited. The church is small … only a basement entrance and then the main chapel upstairs. However, admission was only $10 Euro and the line wasn’t as ridiculous as all the others we encountered.

Then, we took a short walk to Notre Dame.


The admission line was looooooong, so we didn’t go inside. (Hey, we have to save something to do for the next trip!)

Tomorrow’s post will be about Versailles … !

UPDATE (1/12/17): Someone from the flea market contacted me and asked if I would include another link to it, and if I would post these photos to my blog. So, here they are:

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