Tuesday: Versailles

Our trip to Versailles is one of the few things Chelsea and I planned for our Paris vacation. Initially, we debated whether or not to go, given that it’s on the outskirts of the city. But, ultimately we decided we should visit. (Also, I spoke to my great aunt a week before my trip, and she told me she regretted not going to Versailles on her trip to Paris.)

Chelsea found this $50 tour through Get Your Guide. The price included a bus to and from Versailles, ticket for admission, and an audio tour. We had a set admission time and were able to bypass an extremely long admission line.

I think the tour was totally worth it. Here are a few pieces of advice, though, should you ever want to go to Versailles:

  • This was my first time visiting Paris, so I don’t know if Paris is always such a massive tourist cluster or if it was just that way due to the holidays, but Versailles was JAM PACKED. And it’s HUGE. And it was still wall-to-wall people. I’d recommend NOT visiting on a Tuesday, because a lot of the other museums are closed that day and I think people funnel into whatever is open.
  • I’d recommend springing for a full-day tour of Versailles. With transportation time, we were only able to spend about an hour and 40 minutes at the palace. There wasn’t much time to process/absorb what we were seeing.
  • We packed a lunch, but hardly had any time to explore the grounds before we had to meet our group at the gate for admission. We scarfed our lunch and took a few quick photos. Again, I’d recommend going for a full day (and packing a lunch).

So, here you go … King Louis XIV’s palace:

Golden Gate
The ceiling … every inch of the palace was this elaborate!
The Hall of Mirrors
Upshots are never flattering.
Versailles in the evening.

Tomorrow’s post will be about  … the Louvre!



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