Wednesday: the Louvre

Given that lines we long everywhere we went in Paris (on Tuesday, we tried to go to the Catacombs before Versailles and waited for an hour before abandoning our efforts to get in), Chelsea and I got up early Wednesday morning and got in line at the Louvre 40 minutes before it opened.

Early morning at the Louvre

Our friend Sierra had been there previously, and told us to go directly to the Mona Lisa before looking at anything else. “Don’t get distracted,” she had warned. Once we got into the museum, we heeded her advice and practically ran to the exhibit. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of the Mona Lisa, but damned if I was going to miss my chance to see the World’s Most Famous Painting.

da Vinci’s Mona Lisa

After that, we relaxed a bit. I dropped off my coat at the coat check, and we picked up our headphones for a guided tour of the museum.

Winged Victory
“Why is my penis curly?”
When you’re trying to hail a cab, but a baby is tweaking your nipple.

There was SO MUCH to see. Chelsea and I spent 5 hours at the museum, and probably only covered 2/3 of it. It was amazing to see so many famous paintings.

This was one of my favorites:

Giuseppe Arcimbaldo’s Four Seasons

I get the feeling my dad would really like these paintings. (Do you like them, Dad?)

Bellimi’s Salome and the Execution of John the Baptist


I bet you’d like this piece, too, Dad. 🙂


I sent this photo to my friends back in Chicago. Have you ever seen the movie Boxing Helena? (It is cheesy 80s erotica and the perfect choice for a “bad movie night” with friends.) If so, you’ll understand the reference. (Uh, not to mention this statue is famous in its own right.)

Venus de Milo

Some others …

Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres’ “La Grande Odalisque”
Inside the Louvre
Napoleon’s apartment
Great Sphinx of Tanis
Photo bomber!

Afterward, we took a long walk by the Seine. It was truly an awesome day. 🙂

Chelsea, April, and Sierra

Tomorrow … our day trip to London!

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