Friday: the Catacombs

When I was in London on Thursday, my friend Nicole arrived in Paris from Boston. Friday morning, I finally got to see her when she met up with me and Chelsea at the Catacombs.

Something interesting we learned: French people HATE line cutting. A woman approached us to ask if she could stand in line with us, stating she had waited in line 5 hours the previous day and was unable to get in. (I believe it — we waited 3.5 hours to get in, and we got in line 40 minutes before the Catacombs opened.) Nicole definitively told her no, while Chelsea and I … pretty much said nothing. Anyway, this woman and later, a man, both tried to ease their way into the line. After a while, the people behind us realized what was going on. They freaked out to the point that we wondered if the situation would come to fisticuffs.

“Non! Non! Non! Non! Non!” they yelled at the line-cutters. There was much arguing in French. This went on for a while until the line-cutters left.

“Non! Non! Non! Non! Non!” became a kind of catchphrase throughout the rest of our trip. We’d look at each other and say it out of the blue.

The Catacombs were interesting, but I wouldn’t wait in a freezing 3.5-hour line to see them again. (Nicole joked it was a “once-in-a-lifetime experience,” because we’ll never go back. Haha.)






Later that day, Chelsea opted for a night in. Nicole and I met up in Montmarte, to walk by the Moulin Rouge. (Show tickets were over $150 Euro … too expensive for me!)


Then, we walked up to Sacré-Cœur, a church at one of the highest points in the city.


Sacré-Cœur seems to be more of a “working” church than some of the other tourist spots I’d visited. There were signs everywhere asking visitors to be quiet and respect those praying.

Afterward, Nicole and I had dinner at a nice French Bistro upon the recommendation of a friend. It was a great evening!

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