Friday Gratitude: Back At It

The temperatures in Kosovo have been below freezing, so school was canceled all of last week. Though part of me was happy to have some extra time off after vacation, I was starting to go a bit stir crazy. I was grateful to be back in school this week!

My host mother was knitting a purple (my favorite color) scarf, and I (selfishly) thought, “Gee, I hope that’s for me.” Turns out, it was. 🙂

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First day back at school!

The power has been cutting out here and there (which is normal for my village/Kosovo in general), but I haven’t had any issues with a lack of heat or water (due to frozen pipes). I’m lucky and grateful, as I know this isn’t true for all volunteers.

As far as media consumption goes, I finished four books since this post:

  • Scrappy Little Nobody: Hilarious! Worth a read.
  • Wild: This was a re-read for me. I love the idea of a woman going to a journey with the intention of learning more about herself and becoming a better person.
  • Swing Time: This novel has gotten a lot of press lately, but it was pretty “meh” for me. I found the main character to be boring and unlikeable, and she spent much of her time describing other, more interesting (but equally unlikeable) characters.
  • Veronica: I picked this up from our little library at the Peace Corps office. It was beautifully written but fairly depressing. And I don’t know if this is because I’m getting older or what, but characters in the fiction I read are all so irritating …

I also got sucked into/finished watching The OA on Netflix. Though it used a lot of classic storytelling devices (orphaned main character, unreliable narration, travel to other dimensions, single-minded villain), I still thought the story was unique.

I’ve been feeling a little “blah,” lately, as in, nothing is really appealing to me. I haven’t crocheted anything lately because nothing has inspired me.

I read this article, titled “6 Hobbies You Can Pick Up in Just 30 Days (and Kick Butt at Them).” Funny that knitting and yoga are two activities that made the list. (Okay, I can’t knit, but crochet is similar.)

Though I still meet with my Shqip tutor once per week, I’ve given up on studying Shqip at home. Instead, I’ve been teaching myself Spanish through Duolingo. I’ve been consistent with it since returning to Kosovo. We’ll see if I manage to keep it up.

I’m grateful that January is more than halfway over! Now we just have to get through February and March, and then it’ll be spring!

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