Prizren, Kosovo

If you ask anyone from Kosovo what their favorite city in Kosovo is, the answer will invariably be “Prizren.”

I’d only been to Prizren once before, since it’s not the easiest place for me to get to. But as I mentioned, we had a week off of school due to the extreme cold, and I’d been sitting around the house a lot. When my friend Charlie asked if I wanted to take a day trip to Prizren, I said yes!


To quote Lonely Planet: “Seated at the foot of the Shar mountains and close to the Rahovec wine region, Kosovo’s second city packs a heavy punch with its rich history, traditional handicraft shops and gastronomic delights. Mix that with incredible nearby nature and a renowned summer film festival, and you have a ‘must-see’ destination to add to your Balkan travel itinerary.” (You can read more of that article here.)

This is the classic shot everyone takes of Prizren:


Charlie and I met up with Sierra and Chelsea. We walked around the city a little bit and stopped for coffee.


Sierra and Chelsea had to leave to catch their respective buses. Charlie and I still had a bit of time left, so we decided to hike up to the Prizren Fortress. According to Wikipedia, it is “a medieval fortress which once served as the capital of the Serbian empire.”

Had the weather been better, our hike might not have seemed like such a feat. However, the roads and foot paths weren’t cleared, so we hiked up a sheet of ice and snow. But the view at the top was totally worth it. (And after a week of sitting around the house, it felt good to use my muscles again!)





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