Albanian Music Videos

The other week, my counterpart created a questionnaire for our students to fill out about themselves. One of the questions was, “Who is your favorite music artist?” A 5th grade girl had replied, “Baby G.” When we left the room, my counterpart and I looked at each other and asked, “Who is Baby G?”

After a quick Google search in the teacher’s lounge, we found this music video.

I usually catch up on my Albanian music video watching while I’m on the bus, as some of the buses here have TVs. I saw the following two videos and then later described them to my counterpart to find out what they were.

The shirtless dude in pink, who looks like Pauly Shore, caught my attention in this next video. (Such a great look.)

I described this last music video as, “a big guy wearing a striped shirt,” and my counterpart was able to figure out who I was talking about based on my description.

What I love is his commitment to laziness. He can’t even be bothered to dance. He just waves his arms around half-heartedly. I also appreciate his commitment to bold fashion choices.

If you just can’t get enough Albanian music videos, I also wrote this post over the summer.

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