Maternity Leave in Kosovo

One of the teachers at my school is pregnant. I got to talking with her about maternity leave in Kosovo. Still curious, I did some Google searching and found this 2016 academic paper from the Rochester Institute of Technology. It is titled “Provisions of Maternity Leave in the Republic of Kosovo: Impact on Private Sector and Employment.”

An excerpt:

“The new provisions on maternity leave set forth by [the Law on Labor] set the maternity leave at a maximum of twelve (12)months. Out of this amount, the law obliges employers to compensate workers for 70% of their basic wage for the first 6 months; the next three months are covered by the government at a rate of 50% of the average wage in Kosovo. The three last months are offered as unpaid leave for those employees wishing to make use of them.”

Compared to what I’ve heard are abysmal maternity leave times in the U.S. (I also read this 2016 Forbes article), I found it interesting the Kosovo offers so much time off to women who have had babies.

Also, if you would like to learn more about health care in Kosovo, I wrote this short blog post.

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