Four and Twenty

For as much as I count myself an animal lover, I’ve never been able to decide how I feel about birds. Part of me thinks they’re cute. Another part of me is creeped out by their scaly feet, and the awkward way they jerk their heads around.

However, I keep seeing the most beautiful birds flying around my house. After some investigation (meaning, a quick Google search), I discovered they are Black-Billed Magpies.

Black-Billed Magpie in Kosovo

According to the Birds of Europe website, Black-Billed Magpies are “probably the bird most people recognize.” (I didn’t recognize them. Thanks for making me feel dumb, Birds of Europe.) A further search led me to discover that Black-Billed Magpies also live in the western half of the United States. I’ve only lived in the Midwest and New England, so maybe that’s why I don’t recall ever seeing them in America.

I tried for weeks (literally) to get better pictures. I kept my camera on my desk, ready to snap photos at a moment’s notice. I took a walk around my (freezing) backyard, trying to get a picture. I left Cheerio’s on my windowsill, hoping to lure the birds over. Then I read that they like fruit, so I left a half-peeled orange on my windowsill. Nothing worked. (Stupid birds.) I got impatient waiting to write this post, so here you go … these are the best I could do.

Booty shot

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