Four and Twenty

For as much as I count myself an animal lover, I’ve never been able to decide how I feel about birds. Part of me thinks they’re cute. Another part of me is creeped out by their scaly feet, and the awkward way they jerk their heads around.

However, I keep seeing the most beautiful birds flying around my house. After some investigation (meaning,Β a quick Google search), I discovered they are Black-Billed Magpies.

Black-Billed Magpie in Kosovo

According to the Birds of Europe website, Black-Billed Magpies are “probably the bird most people recognize.” (I didn’t recognize them. Thanks for making me feel dumb, Birds of Europe.) AΒ further search led me to discover that Black-Billed Magpies also live in the western half of the United States. I’ve only lived in the Midwest and New England, so maybe that’s why I don’t recall ever seeing them in America.

I tried for weeks (literally) to get better pictures. I kept my camera on my desk, ready to snap photos at a moment’s notice. I took a walk around my (freezing) backyard, trying to get a picture. I left Cheerio’s on my windowsill, hoping to lure the birds over. Then I read that they like fruit, so I left a half-peeled orange on my windowsill. Nothing worked. (Stupid birds.) I got impatient waiting to write this post, so here you go … these are the best I could do.

Booty shot

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