Friday Gratitude: Happy Independence Day, Kosovo!

Kosovo declared independence on February 17, 2008. Today, on its 9th anniversary, a new design for its Newborn sign will be revealed (as it is every year on Independence Day). Here is a picture of the past year’s design:

Thanks @sierra211 for taking this photo. #Pristina #Kosovo #newborn

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(I previously wrote a post about Kosovo’s Newborn sign here.)

This is what the new design looks like. I’ll be sure to post pictures when I see it in real life.

Photo Credit: Balkan Insight

You can read more about the new design in this article.

I wondered what I was doing on February 17, 2008, so I went through my old email in search of that date. (I never delete email. Bad habit.) Apparently, I bought tickets to an amateur burlesque show in Chicago (I remember that show), and emailed a friend about a guy she was dating at the time (she has since married a much nicer man). It’s strange to think how unaware I was at the time … that a country I would one day live in was declaring its independence, and 5,000 miles away, I didn’t know it.

Media Consumption this week:

    • I watched Nocturnal Animals. It’s one of those movies that takes a while to process … It held my attention (usually a problem for me if I’m watching a movie at home). It was disturbing. I think Amy Adams is one of the most compelling actresses out there. And … that’s pretty much all I have to say.
    • I finished The Book Thief. This is the second fictional account of WWII I’ve read since I got to Kosovo. I enjoyed it.

The thing I am most grateful for is that my cat back in the U.S. is healthy. He was acting strangely, so my parents took him to the vet. After x-rays and blood work, the problem turned out to be minor. I’m so lucky to have parents who love him and take good care of him while I am away.

Happy Friday!

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