My Favorite Thing About My Room

A while back, I was talking to my sister on the phone. She helped me brainstorm ideas for this blog. One of her suggestions was to write about something I like better about life in Kosovo versus the United States.

I had an answer almost immediately … window blinds! Maybe that sounds like a strange thing think of, but the window blinds I’ve seen in Kosovo (and that I’m lucky enough to have in my bedroom) are far superior to anything I’ve seen in the States.

I’ve often wished there were a material that allows for air flow but blocks light. These blinds are almost that good … they have tiny slots for air, but only a little light comes in. You can also close the slots completely.



The shade raises.


The window opens into the room, or you can turn the handle and tilt the pane to open just the top, to allow for a little air flow.


If I were the entrepreneurial type (I’m not), I would find a way to bring these windows to the U.S.

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