Friday Gratitude: Puppies!

January and February have been tough months. I think it’s a combination of many things — returning from vacationing in Paris, cold weather/shorter days, the feeling like more travel is a long way off, the feeling that the end of my Peace Corps service is a long way off, etc. I’ll start to feel better about things, and then something will happen to make me feel blue.

But, I am trying to focus on positive things. My host family’s dog gave birth to five puppies last Saturday morning! While I have opinions on pets not being spayed (oh, I have so many opinions about animals in Kosovo!) only a monster would be unhappy about puppies.

Our dog’s name is Pandousha. (We used to have a second dog, but the family got rid of him.) Anyway, Pandousha and I have become good buddies, as I’m usually the one who feeds her. I often say this aloud to her, “I would like you more if you were a cat, but I accept what the Universe brings to me.” When I pet her, I always get the feeling something is missing. Then I realize I’m waiting for her to purr.

I attempted to take pictures of the puppies. I picked up one of the puppies with one hand and held my camera in the other. Pandousha leaned over, plucked the puppy from my hand, and placed it beneath her. I picked up another puppy. Pandousha leaned over, plucked that puppy from my hand, and again, placed it beneath her. It’s like she was saying, “Excuse me, but, NO.” I took the hint and left them alone.

(And yes, I know it’s bad to touch newborn puppies. But the dog and I have a tight relationship. If any human can touch her puppies, it is me.)

I’ll post more pictures once the puppies are a little bigger and more photo friendly.


Media consumption:

  • I finished A Man Called Ove. I know several of my friends recommended it … I forget which friends, specifically (sorry). It was charming, heart-warming, and laugh-out-loud funny in some places. Parts of it annoyed me for its obviousness/contrivance. But overall, I’d say it’s worth a read.


I am off to spend this coming weekend with my pre-service training (PST)/temporary host family from last summer. I haven’t seen them since August.

Have a good one!

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