A Walk Around Istog, Kosovo

A week ago, I was in Istog, Kosovo. I previously posted pictures of the city when I visited last summer, during Peace Corps training.

Here are a few more pictures.

The Trofta Hotel is famous for its fish dinners (they’re good!).

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Trofta Hotel

The hotel has its own fisheries. If you’re interested, here is an article about fisheries, agriculture, forestry, and food safety in Kosovo.

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Istog is lined with mountains to the north. This mountain range stretches west through Peja and forms the Accursed Mountains, reaching into Albania.

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4 thoughts on “A Walk Around Istog, Kosovo”

  1. “Accursed Mountains?” Is there a story behind this name?

    On a different note, I should tell you that I really enjoy your posts and look forward to them each morning. They’re the first thing I read when they land in my inbox. You’ve got quite an adventure going on!

    Speaking of adventures, have you read the book “Wild” by Cheryl Strayed? It is the story of her hike along the Pacific Crest Trail — sort of her version of your joining the Peace Corps perhaps.

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