Owl Baby Bib Crochet Project

owl baby bib easy crochet project.JPG

Given my mood lately (which borders on “ugh” or “meh”), and the slew of half-finished crochet projects I’ve got lying around, I told myself last Sunday I would feel better if I started and finished a project.

I’d seen these cute owl baby bibs on Pinterest (where else?) a while ago. A close friend of mine is expecting her third child this summer (good Lord, when did I get so old?), so I decided to make this bib as a gift. It was ridiculously easy.

You can download the free pattern here. As an added note, I used a size J crochet hook for this project.

I’m not exactly sure what size baby this bib will fit. Hopefully it isn’t too big for a newborn, otherwise, my friend’s new son or daughter will have to wait until they’re older to enjoy his or her owl friend.

Also, at the suggestion of my friend Katie (thanks, Katie!) I joined ravelry.com. You can follow me here. I don’t have all of my projects loaded on the site, but hope to at some point.

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