Friday Gratitude

When I was a senior in college, I interned at a now-dysfunct arts magazine in Chicago. The magazine was the brainchild of a husband-wife team. I never saw the wife. The husband-half of this fantastic duo was a pretentious, chain-smoking a-hole with a major case of body odor. The other employees/interns were equally unpleasant. As if all of that weren’t bad enough, there were caged ferrets in the office.

They listened to National Public Radio (NPR) constantly. Now, when someone even mentions NPR, I cringe. It’s like I am transported back to that smokey, ferret-filled office.

So, I hate public radio. I also never listen to audio books. To this point, I have only ever listened to two podcasts (the first season of “Serial,” and “My Dad Wrote a Porno.”) When I drive, I listen only to music. It’s probably an introvert thing — I hate the sound of people jabbering in my ear.

This is all a very long-winded way of saying, I listened to a new podcast, and it was so interesting I am actually going to recommend it.

This podcast tries to uncover the mystery behind Richard Simmons’ (yes, THAT Richard Simmons) sudden and unexplained withdrawal from his public and social life. Personally, I’ve always had a good measure of respect for Richard Simmons. There are plenty of useless celebrities out there. Why not appreciate the ones who are actually trying to do good in the world?

I listened to the entire podcast on Sunday, while I cleaned my bedroom and then took a long walk.

As far as other media consumption goes, I finished reading The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone by Tennessee Williams (more on that later). I also watched (of course) Girls.


Care packages have been taking a long time to reach me. It made me so happy to get one from my mom this week! Thanks, mom!


The weather has been PERFECT. And here is a picture of me with a puppy. 🙂


Happy, happy Friday! Talk to you next week.

4 thoughts on “Friday Gratitude”

  1. I’ve been meaning to listen to that Richard Simmons podcast! If you’re looking for something Serial-esque–check out S-Town. I binged that this week. Happy Friday!

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