Kosovo’s Giant Chicken

I hesitated to write about Kosovo’s giant chicken because it’s been all over the news lately, but in case you aren’t already aware, there is a giant chicken living in Kosovo. (No, I don’t know where.) It’s nice to know Kosovo has been in the American news for something fun.

Here is a picture of the giant chicken:

giant chicken
Image via UPI.com

And if you’d like to see a video of it strutting around, click this link.

Back when I was living with my temporary host family, I wrote about chickens in Kosovo. When I first moved in with my current host family, they only had dogs. Now, they have added a cow and chickens. Our property is turning into a nice little farm. Within the last week, both my (real) mom and sister asked me, “What is that noise?” while we were talking on the phone. I was like, “It’s our damn rooster!”

You might be interested to know that the noise roosters make, according to Kosovars, is “kee kee kee kee caw.” Hey, it’s no dumber than “cockadoodle-do.”

This reminds me of one of my favorite bits from the television show Arrested Development. It’s a running joke that no one in the Bluth family can do a realistic chicken impression.


As my sister said to me, “You’re not in Chicago anymore.” Boy, don’t I know it!

2 thoughts on “Kosovo’s Giant Chicken”

  1. I’ve developed strong negative feelings about roosters since arriving in the Philippines. Cockfighting is popular so they’re EVERYWHERE and they don’t just crow in the morning, it’s an all day thing.

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